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The second transnational meeting

– The education of volunteers

In September 2018 GAME hosted its second transnational meeting between the YSSA-partners. A two day conference in GAME House Copenhagen with the partners MOVE from Malta, ARSIS from Greece, VSI INTEGRACIJOS CENTRAS from Lithuania, and CESIE from Italy focused. 

The aim of the second transnational meeting was to define key elements and parameters for a new Curriculum that will guide GAME and the other partner organisations in educating volunteers as role models and street sport coaches in local neighbourhoods.

During the two days in Copenhagen, the partners also got the chance to see one of GAME’s educational (and fun!) Playmaker Camps in action and meet some of the Danish Playmakers.

The Youth-led Street Sport for All is a partnership between the five organizations and the European Union’s Erasmus+ Sport program with GAME as lead partner. It works to empower and increase participation in sports, strenghten social incluson and to promote voluntary activity amongst children and youth.

Stay tuned for the launch of the GAME Academy App which will serve as an Online Playmaker Toolbox where volunteers can find drills and training programs as well as report from their practices.