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Praktikant i Ghana, Jordan eller Somaliland

International Intern in Ghana, Jordan and Somaliland (3 required).

Starts in August/September 2019. Internship begins with 1 working week in Copenhagen at GAME Headquarters and the Internship continues with 4 months in Amman, Hargeisa or Accra.


  • To contribute to the delivery of the project’s outcomes of delivering social change to youth through street sports.
  • To assist in the implementation of Activities direct delivery and weekly planning.
  • To manage external communications (website, social media, etc).
  • To support Business Development (mainly via comms above and info gathering).
  • To document and evaluate the activities in field locations
  • To conduct country research: needs analysis, vulnerability indexes, political trends, cross-regional opportunities, UN and NGO profiling, and potential partnerships.
  • Some administrative tasks: collecting receipts, tracking beneficiary figures, translation from Danish to English and could also include local languages (if language skills are available).
  • To travel! Internal (national) travel is expected for all interns in all countries.

In all three of these countries, GAME does not implement directly however we are seminal overseers of the work and approach. GAME supports three capable and like-minded local organizations and is intimately involved with them and the running of these programmes: JYIF in Jordan, DUNK in Ghana, and GAME Somaliland in Somaliland. The internship will involve working directly with GAME’s partners in Ghana, Somaliland, and Jordan as well as their extensive national networks as well.

There will be two lines of support:

– To the Country Director of the local organization regarding all direct implementation.

– To the International Programme Manager of GAME in Denmark (who visits the site locations regularly).


While we are flexible as to what the profile of a GAME intern is, we expect that you are:

  • Currently undertaking a related education degree (International Affairs, Business for Development, International Organizational Theory, Development Studies, or other related degree) with demonstrable interest in international development, diplomacy and/or international systems and business.
  • Love sports. Must love sports – and see the value in investing in youth.
  • Responsible and prepared to contribute to the team.
  • Structured and able to work both independently and in a team environment.
  • Able to multitask, but also appreciate the skill and benefit of mono-tasking.
  • Proven record of getting along with a wide variety of people from different cultures, both in the office and internationally.
  • English fluency – and even a wordsmith.

PROFILE PREFERENCES (though not required) that you:

  • Have significant experience in living / working / studying outside of Denmark; preferably out of Europe in MENA, Africa or Asia.
  • Can speak the local language of where you are applying to go.

Amman is a safe city in terms of crime and any extremist external threat despite being in a volatile region. It is an expensive city (75% of Denmark). Housing would not be provided. Amman is an expat regional hub and has everything an expat would ever expect.

Accra is also a safe city; however petty crime does exist. It is medium-priced. Housing may be provided with other international volunteers at DUNK’s housing facilities (this depends on timing). Accra is an expat hub for West Africa and has everything a Westerner would desire except for snow.

Hargeisa is also a safe city despite its connotation to Somalia (it is a different country). It is not an expensive city. There are expats who live here and there are many facilities which are met including supermarkets (however, only one pool in the city, minimal gyms, limited cosmopolitan restaurants, no inter-continental flights, and no international recognition.)

The working hours are 37 hours per week. Some work will take place on weekends during events and training seminars for the volunteers. These hours will be counterbalanced by time off in the following week. The Intern is entitled to 2,08 vacation days per working month. The vacation should be arranged and held in a manner where it takes GAME’s daily operations and the interest of the Intern into consideration.

The internship is unpaid. GAME will pay for insurance and expenses to language lessons in Amman and Hargeisa. The intern will have to finance all other costs, incl. airfare, local transportation, accommodation, food, etc.

Jordan Intern: This position is 100% confirmed.

Ghana Intern: This position is 100% confirmed.

Somaliland Intern: Externally dependent, though will be known by week 21/22 if it is fully secured.

Please send us:

1) Your CV;

2) A cover letter with the following (just bullet points is very fine):

a) Your international experience and personal international ambitions for 2019 and 2025.

b) How GAME can benefit children and youth around the world.

c) Why this country of choice motivates and fits your goals.

d) What you expect from the role and what you expect the what the IPM, CD, ad local team can help you attain your 2019 goals and beyond.

e) Your favourite street sport and why.

This application package should be uploaded to Podio here.

**You are welcome to apply for more than one country; if you do then please state this in your application cover letter while addressing question “ c “ (above) accordingly, and also put in your email subject heading.

Please submit applications soonest as they will be reviewed, and candidates contacted on a rolling basis until the (revised) May 4th deadline.

For any questions related to the position, you may contact Matthew at 2042 4690 or meg@game.ngo though phone is always preferred.