28/3-2020Volunteer of the Year in GAME 2019

Young volunteers are at the core of GAME’s mission. The goal of making lasting social change goes through the power of youth as the real drivers of positive, inclusive and inspiring communities. In GAME we have more than 1000 volunteers across programs and countries and they all deserve our deepest respect and appreciation.

GAME would not be GAME without our volunteers!

Every year, we celebrate our volunteers by awarding a volunteer from every local GAME program ‘Volunteer of the Year’. Below you find the impressive list of powerful, empathetic and brilliant young people, who have gone the extra mile for the mission of creating lasting social change.

From the selected local Volunteer of the Year, a jury awards one as the Volunteer of the Year of alle of GAME. This year the award goes to: Mohammad Abdullah Naser Obeid from GAME Jordan.

GAME means so much to me on a personal level. I have made new friends from different GAME Zones and cities around Jordan. It has opened my eyes to learn new things and with this I can benefit my hometown, Mafraq. GAME has given me new experiences and competencies to make a change for children – creating a better future for them.

My dream is to have a GAME zone in my city Al Mafraq, many kids around here (Jordanian and Syrians) would really benefit from this opportunity, as we lack the proper activities and facilities here, and for that, I would travel all the world to accomplish, not only to Irbid.”
– Mohammad Abdullah Naser Obeid from GAME in Jordan

As local Volunteer of the Year, the following volunteers are awarded:

Anders Vermuelen from the GAME House in Viborg
Anders always takes the lead, both as JK, but in particular as a volunteer, and he can take a great deal of credit for the streetbasket activities in GSV being as well run as they currently are.

Christina Elnif from the GAME House in Copenhagen
Christina shows an extremely high engagement in her role as a Playmaker and house-volunteer. She is organized, passionate and a person which makes everyone feel included, kids as well as her co-volunteers

Elvis Adjei from the Playmaker Program in Ghana
Elvis is an initiator and a great team player. He is fun to be around and very committed to the program.

Emily Nymark from the GAME House in Aalborg
Emily has a huge passion for GAME, and for Streetmekka and she strives to make a difference. She is a natural role model – not only for our users – but also for the other volunteers in the house.

Basmatzidou Fani from the Playmaker Program in Greece
Basmatzidou is very committed as a volunteer and she is very friendly with the kids. She is one of the best volunteers

Karol Jasmin from the GAME House in Esbjerg
Karol is always in a good mood and she always creates a good atmosphere around her. She is good at creating positive relationships between her and the kids

Marwa Mawliid Abdi from the Playmaker Program in Somaliland
Marwa is one of the few Somali female coaches and players in the Somali region. She helps women and girls reach their potential and teach them to have a healthy lifestyle.

Maymi Asgari from the Playmaker Program in Denmark
Maymi is very invested in GAME and makes a huge difference to the kids in her local area, but also for the local Playmakers and the organization as a whole.

Mohammad Abdullah Naser Obeid from the Playmaker Program in Jordan
Mohammad is very passionate about GAME. He lives 1-hour drive from the zone and he travels by himself to join the weekly practices. He loves being a part of the GAME family, and the social change he leads for the kids. He inspires us all to pursue our goals.

Roukaya Chaker from the Playmaker Program in Lebanon
Roukaya has been volunteering not only in the weekly practices but also at different events for GAME. She has done a great job supporting the office with the survey process. She is always smiling and she never misses a practice.

Søren Thomsen from Friendships on Asphalt in Denmark
Søren has contributed to make sports and the community around sports a great experience for a specific group of kids. He is good at making everyone feel a part of the team and he makes sure that no one is on the sidelines feeling alone.