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6/3-2020Sport Lives in All of Us at International Women’s Day – and all other days

Sports have something to offer everyone, it has the power to counter inequality, and sport lives in all of us. GAME puts equality in sports at the top of the agenda on March 6, where GAME launches the video ‘Sport Lives in All of Us’ and inspire even more girls to grab a basketball, a skateboard and a microphone.

Gender equality is among the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which GAME has a particular focus on in the everyday work. Therefore, GAME puts female role models at the forefront of lowering the barrier to participating in sports on March 6 in GAME’s street sports houses. This means it will be girls and women who run the microphone, turntables, skateboards, street basketball and dance workshops.

One of the girls who has grabbed the microphone and send out a message to the rest of the world is GAME’s talented graphic designer, illustrator and basketball player, Emilie Lenau Klint. In occasion of ‘International Women’s Day’ she has animated a video that visually expresses a poem by basketball player, poet and activist Asma Elbadawi called “Sport Lives In All Of Us”.

Sport is a common language
Basketball player, poet and activist Asma Elbadawi is an inspiration to many girls, and she is especially known for helping to overturn a ban on hijabs in professional basketball.

In her poem “Sport Lives In All Of Us” Asma use sport as a common language that exist beyond boarders and cultures – a language where it doesn’t matter where you come from but what you perform on court.

On March 6 everyone is welcome in GAME’s houses in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Viborg and Esbjerg, when GAME celebrates women’s day – with the boys, of course!

Learn more about Emilie Lenau Klint and Asma Elbadawi at Instagram: @emilieklint @asmaelbadawi