Thursday den 1. November, 2018

Girls in Somaliland are claiming their rights to play street sports

The first GAME Playmaker Camps, enabling young people of Somaliland to run street sports for children in their neighbourhood has …


Friday den 24. August, 2018

Jordan: From Playmakercamp to weekly training sessions

This spring the first camp enabling young people of Jordan to run street sports for children in their neighborhood took …


Wednesday den 21. March, 2018

56 young people join the Playmaker Program in Somaliland

The first camp, intended to educate Somaliland’s youth to run trainings in their local area, has been held this February! …


Thursday den 15. March, 2018

Chairman’s report 2017

Anders Monrad Rendtorff, Chairman Seen from my chair, the past year in GAME has brought nothing less than an international …


Thursday den 31. August, 2017

Street sports to give Somaliland’s youth new opportunities

Young people in Somaliland now have a unique opportunity to use street sports as a tool to create positive social …