GAME Finals

 The best street-event in the world: GAME FINALS

DM in street basket, breakdance battle, street football, dj set-up, parkour workshop, danceshows, panna, skate, street art – you name it!

GAME Finals is for everyone, big and small, and it’s for free! Feel free to jump in and participate in workshops in 3×3 street basket, parkour, panna, street dance, street art, table-football and so on.

Skilled instructors will teach and guide you all the way through – so there is a great opportunity to learn some cool new stuff. Furthermore, there will be a lot of shows, entertainment, games – and opportunity to buy delicious streetfood and pancakes. You can win cool prices sponsored by Faxe Kondi, SPORTMASTER and Hummel.

GAME Finals is also Scandinavia’s biggest street basket tournament. The event is an offspring of our cooperation with the Danish Basketball Foundation and has become the official Danish Championship in street basket (FIBA 3×3). This is the event where players battle for a place in the winners’ circle, not to mention for the esteemed title as Danish Champion in Street Basket. GAME has entered into a cooperation with the international basketball foundation better known as FIBA, making GAME Finals an official FIBA World Tour Qualifier event.

The tournament consists of leagues for all age groups, including both girls and boys and a wheelchair basket league. We organize qualification tournaments throughout the country, so make sure to keep an eye on our calendar to find out when and where the next qualifications for the GAME Finals go down.

The event collects the very best ingredients from street culture and the program includes dance battles, street soccer tournaments as well as awesome DJs, spinning cool tunes for your pleasure.