Become a member

It costs a one-off payment of 50 kr. to become a member of GAME. Then it’s possible to use Streetmekka Copenhagen and Streetmekka Esbjerg really cheap (e.g. 10 kr. for kids) and join all trainings in our GAME-zones for free. You can find the nearest zone here.

Become a member here. You get your card and a member gift in you local GAME-zone or GAME house.

Already a member? You can deposit credits on you membercard here.

Prices in GAME Streetmekka
When you have created your membership, you choose whether you want to buy day tickets each time you visit GAME Streetmekka, or if you want to buy a pass for a month or a whole year with unlimited access.

 Buy subscriptions in the reception at GAME Streetmekka København (Enghavevej 82 D) or Esbjerg (Nørregade 1C, 6700 Esbjerg).

 GAME Membership (One-off payment)






Day ticket for members in GAME Streetmekka



0-24 år









Pass for 1 month(Unlimited access 1 month)



 0-24 år









Pass for 1 year (Unlimited access for 12month)



 0-24 år









Day ticket for non-members in GAME Streetmekka



 Opening hours
1. If you lose your card you have to pay a new setup fee.
2. Your membership is personal and can only be used by you.
3. A day ticket last a whole day. You don’t have to pay, if you go in and out of the house the same day.
4. Friends and family need to pay the entrance if they want to watch.
5. Keep updated about changes in opening ours, trainings etc in your local GAME Streetmekka