About GAME

GAME is a Danish based street sport NGO founded in 2002. You will meet GAME and our young volunteers, Playmakers, in 26 GAME zones in less advantaged neighbourhoods in Denmark doing practices in street basket, parkour, dance and street soccer. GAME also operate two indoor asphalt facilities, located in Copenhagen and Esbjerg, and in nine GAME zones in Lebanon.

GAME’s mission is to create lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture. The program is a fusion of different urban sports, dance, urban culture and an effort to bridge between differences. The activities are executed by a numerous group of young leaders trained by GAME as street basket and street soccer coaches as well as dance and parkour instructors and event managers. 

Youth is the backbone
The youth leaders in GAME are called Playmakers. An important part of GAME’s activities is to offer an education to young people in order to empower them to take a role as peer educators. Over the past decade GAME has shown proof of concept when it comes to street sports and youth leadership. In 2016 GAME had more than 120,000 visits at its practices, tournaments, workshops, and open gyms in 34 neighbourhoods in Denmark and Lebanon.

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Awards for GAME
2016: World’s Top 200 NGO’s, NGO Advisor
2014: CSR Awards, CSR Partnership Prize
2013: IAKS Award
2011: AOK’s best initiative of the city
2008: Ministry of Integration’s Integration Award
2004: Gerlev Sport’s Award
2003: Copenhagen Municipality’s Integration Award

Street sports have a role to play in fragile neighbourhoods and societies to prevent conflicts and build a more stable and better future. GAME has turned to the idea of using sports as a vehicle for social change and through the years the organization has gained extensive experiences, which has allowed for the development of innovative methods to increase the development aspects of the activities.

GAME was founded by Martin Schultz, George M. Goldsmith og Simon Prahm. The organisation is lead by a voluntary board and managed by a dedicated team working from HQ in Copenhagen.